Moving Services/Downsizing/Relocations

Preparing a home prior to a move is always a stressful time! We can assist with clutter reduction, sorting, planning and organizing for the move. We also help you coordinate with the sale, donation and trash removal of your unneeded items. 

Additionally, we can help stage your home prior to a move to make it more appealing to buyers. That can include moving furniture around, removing excess furniture or items, renting furniture if needed, painting, etc. The better the house looks to potential buyers the faster it will sell!

It can be a stressful time when moving into a new home. We can help you move in by preparing a plan for unpacking and getting everything in its place. We also can assist with furniture placement in your new home if necessary.

We also specialize in helping people when they are getting ready to downsize. We will assist in helping you determine what you will need to take with you, based upon your new space. We can help to remove items you will no longer need i.e. donating, consigning, removing trash, etc. We can also help get you settled in your new space by unpacking your items and getting your furniture placed. This will help you to get comfortable in your new place in no time!