Here is what some of our clients had to say about us…

“Margaret and Ann were the nicest people in the world to work with. They were totally non-judgmental and eager to do the job like we wanted it done.  Ann and Margaret showed up at my house with a plan, a smile, and more energy than the Red Bull red bulls. They are efficient, fun, smart, and after a day in the war torn badlands of my poor home’s kitchen and laundry room, they are our friends. My wife and I have three kids three and under. Since the youngest arrived in August, we began losing the fight against chaos. Simply Organized cut through that chaos and helped us take back our house. I give Ann and Margaret 5 out of 5 stars”



“Due to severe physical limitations, I couldn’t begin to organize my large storage building. Margaret & Ann came in and took over every single aspect of the job. All I had to do was make some decisions while sitting comfortably. They did an excellent job, listening to my wants & needs, and following through. I would highly recommend them for any organizational need you have.”



“Your Facebook page was recommended I think because of mutual friends. Anyway, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I am a Nurse administrator and I have a 3 and 5 year old. I am extremely busy. Your page has been a huge help. I did the Monday projects. It allowed me to focus on an area and not feel overwhelmed. They are do-able challenges. If I schedule it, it gets done. This was so convenient because I never had to think about what to organize this week, I just waited for your recommendation. What you did most for me was give me permission to get rid of junk without feeling guilty. That, was life changing. Thank you.”



“Hi ladies!

I wanted to give you a bit of an update. We put our house on the market the week before Christmas and had a buyer within 7 days!!! I know it had a lot to do with your work. Thanks for kick starting my road to a clutter free home!!!

I am using your system in our new space!!! Thanks again!!!”



“Ann and Margaret are amazing…. I have already booked them for more organizing visits ! Love them… they are going to change my daily “life.”



“Hello Ladies! This is a quick note to let you know I’ve been kicking clutter’s fanny since you were here. That’s almost all I did during my two weeks off work and I’m continuing on! Having you come in to point me in the right direction is one of the best things I’ve EVER done for myself! Everyone needs you and I’ve been spreading the word! Can’t thank you enough. My twenty year old son is on board and has helped me big time with loads to Goodwill, storage in the barn, lifting and moving stuff. Woo hoo big time!”



“Both ladies were extremely nice and personable. They were very punctual and amazing to work with. They helped me get rid of unused and unnecessary items that I’ve been holding onto for far too long.  My home is easier to clean and  has a peaceful and serene vibe now.”



“I want to put a very belated testimonial on your website!  The bedroom, closet, laundry room, and desk you did for me last summer have been WONDERFUL all school year so far!   I am maintaining really well!  The children’s schoolwork has been very organized and not one paper has been “stored” haphazardly on the bed!

 I would love to get on your schedule to help me with my children’s bedrooms & bathroom.

 Thank you for making our life better!!” 



“We discussed what we wanted to accomplish.  We made piles for keep, donate and toss – it was so much easier with Ann there to help us.  Our basement looks great.  We learned so much about organizing!”



“Margaret and Ann organized our granddaughter’s bedroom. She requested a personal organizer as a birthday present because she had totally lost control of her stuff – couldn’t find anything and it was too hard to put away clean clothes. After mentioning it several times, I looked on the internet and found Simply Organized in Greenville. They first came and looked at the space, let us know what we needed to purchase to help with organizing the areas, and gave  us an estimate of the time they thought it would take. Everything turned out within the time and the money. We had done our homework before they came so it was so simple for our and her parents’ involvement.

After it was completed, I felt like we had been on Clean Sweep! My granddaughter’s room was organized and everything was neatly sorted and put in containers. All were labeled and it looked just like a magazine cover – very girlish, but just enough elegance to let you know this was the room of a “tween”.  Her American Girl doll collection finally received the space and display it needed. They had so many original ideas. The end result was well worth the money we spent! I can’t wait to work with them again. I am hoping my husband will give me an “organized kitchen” for my birthday!”



Simply Organized In Greenville was awesome to work with! I was able to redo my bathroom faster than I thought possible with a consultation, one quick shopping trip that I was able to do, and an hour of work. The ladies are friendly, energetic, and so easy to work with. You can let them look at your mess without feeling embarrassed, and they are encouraging without being pushy – they makes a daunting task feel manageable. In my new bathroom setup, I get ready in less time, look more put together, keep my bathroom cleaner, and know where everything is (no more hunting for things and running late!) The changes we made have stayed in place because the system they recommended works so well, unlike every other time I have tried to reorganize on my own. Less time getting ready in the morning and night = more time for my family and less stress trying to find things. It was so worth the time and even fun! Thank you so much! I will call you again and recommend you to anyone.”



“This was a FANTASTIC experience! They were so helpful & fun! Great deal! I’m recommending them to EVERYONE! Thank you!”



“If you are looking for reasonable organizing techniques that make sense and are personalized, Margaret and Ann are the ladies for you! Simply Organized in Greenville is just that…simple! The ladies are a lot of fun and the things they teach you are so easy to use and you will always have! I highly recommend them!”

~ ClaireAnn


“Margaret is the most organized person I know! She had an incredible way of sorting through the clutter and helping me decide what was important in my classroom.  She helped me see that having an organized “nerve center” where I could work to plan my teaching could actually make my life easier and more productive with less stuff. She is magical….everything she suggested made perfect sense and I have loved the result. I am a much better teacher too! I would hire her again in a minute!”



“Margaret and Ann are a dynamic duo! We got so much done in a short period of time assessing, purging and organizing my closet. They have helped me see that less can be more…if things are not being used it is best to be rid of them rather than just reorganize them again and again.  I LOVE the calm feeling I have as I get dressed and ready for the day. The tools they taught me I have been able to apply in so many other areas of my house. They are also a whole lot of fun!”



‘Ann and Margaret are great! I loved having them work with me to organize my new kitchen. They helped me identify what I needed to keep and then designate a spot to keep it so all things had a place. This “Completing the Cycle” has made it so easy to keep straightened up. They were professional, cheerful, and kind…I was never embarrassed to show them my “clutter!”  I can’t wait to have them back to attack other areas of my home! Thank you Ann and Margaret!”



“If you live in the Greenville area, and are looking to be more organized, less stressed, more productive, and much happier in your home or classroom, I highly recommend Margaret Bucher to the rescue! I was blessed to spend two years working with her side-by-side and her superior organizational skills rubbed off on me for a lifetime! Margaret is one of the most organized people I know. I was able to “see” her organized, color-coded, labeled classroom for many years before we became teaching partners, but having her IN the space to help create a vision, sort out, get rid of, re-create, re-arrange, and bring a calmness and joy to the world inside my four walls was priceless! She was always accepting of my downfalls, professional, cheerful, and efficient with her ideas and solutions to any problem areas in the classroom. We worked hard, but had an enjoyable time bringing a productive sense of peace to our space. It was a fun process to “get organized” and that gave us more time to spend with our lessons and teaching students vs. searching for things we needed on a daily basis.  THANK YOU” Margaret!”



“I had wanted to organize and purge our house for years-ever since we married and all of our items merged. I just never found the right time to address the pesky areas in my house which honestly were overwhelming to me. My husband was very hesitant in paying for a service he felt we could easily manage ourselves. We decided it wouldn’t hurt to at least have someone stop by and tell us what they could do to help us with organizing. Since our bathroom was my husband’s pain point, he agreed and we started by booking the ladies for 8-9 hours. During that time we purged our master bedroom, bathroom, closet, pantry, and kitchen! Having that extra push helped me make quick decisions and the systems have been working for us on a daily basis-so far a month!

We knew we wanted to do more so we had them come back for another full day and we tackled my most dreaded room-the guest bedroom with all of my childhood items. They helped me push through and encouraged me to take small breaks along the way so I could regain my focus and rest, all while they kept pushing through it. The women never stop-ever. It’s like having two of the Energizer Bunnies in your house and they even bring an extra battery for you because you feel like you have more energy around them. We were able to organize the nursery, laundry room, coat closet, living room, guest bathroom, and guest bedroom during that session. They gave me tips ahead of time of how to prep certain spaces so that I got the most out of my time with them. If I had to guess I was able to purge 20 jumbo bags of items for Goodwill and had an equal number of bags of trash. My house feels spacious and brand new! We made an investment into our home-as my husband says, “That was the best freaking investment we have ever made!” I love walking into a home that I know I can maintain. We have had more guests over than we can count because I feel like our house is ready to entertain at the drop of a hat. I have also found that I have purchased fewer items because I question if I want something to take up space, or if I am willing to get rid of something else for the item. When it comes to groceries I am now able to know exactly what I want to buy for a recipe.

I have grown attached to these ladies and find myself sending them pictures and keeping them updated as we make changes to our home. It felt like having two favorite aunts in my home that were willing to ask me tough questions but with love and support. If you are on the fence on whether or not to book a session with them, try it just once. I guarantee that you will not be sorry”.

All the best.


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