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    Our professional organizing team can help you reclaim your life…one space at a time!

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    Your home should be a sanctuary, not a source of stress. In today’s hectic world, we all desire to come home to a place where we can unwind, relax, and recharge. Check out the Services we offer here.


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    You know it needs to be done… but getting organized can quickly become a nightmare as you try and “figure it out” often just moving the clutter from one location to another… never really truly completing the task. That is where Simply Organized in Greenville comes in… Getting organized can be a smooth, easy transition if you hire a professional who has the knowledge, skill and drive to do the things you can’t, won’t or don’t want to do yourself.

    A professional organizer can help you deal with important life changes, such as:

    • Moving
    • Family relocations
    • Senior relocations
    • Downsizing
    • Blended families
    • New child/ children
    • Estate Management


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    We use our skills to organize your home, office and life, in a mindful, caring and
    respectful manner. Sometime we do things as simple as organizing a closet, cluttered
    garage or disorganized office; other times we organize the entire home!

    Here are some things people want to know about us:

    • Experienced, efficient & ALWAYS professional
    • Licensed and Bonded
    • Project management skills
    • 100% non-judgmental
    • Unmatched customer service
    • Competitive rates
    • All services are strictly CONFIDENTIAL
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